Grimaldi Ferry between Barcelona and Porto Torres, Sardinia

Yesterday was a bit of a steady day, spent wandering round the lovely delicatessens of San Feliu de Guíxols deciding on some Spanish delicacies to take with us on to our next destination. A bit of reading, healthy lunch early night as today we have an overnight ferry which departs at 02:30. We had originallyContinue reading “Grimaldi Ferry between Barcelona and Porto Torres, Sardinia”

Cycling adventures and celebrations – San Feliu de Guíxols, Catalonia, Spain

I had decided my birthday wish today was to start the day with a cycle to Tossa de Mar along the coast. So at 8am I was on the road, just after daybreak. Luckily, it was pretty easy navigation, turn right out of the Aire and keep going, first mile uphill 🙄🚴🏻‍♀️ I even sawContinue reading “Cycling adventures and celebrations – San Feliu de Guíxols, Catalonia, Spain”

Celebration rehearsal – San Feliu de Guíxols, Catalonia, Spain

We can see now how the siesta happens in Spain. Evening meals are eaten from earliest 9pm onwards, then from 06:30 latest, construction traffic starts. No wonder they all take a snooze after lunch. Following dumper trucks and leaf blowers (?!) at 6.15am this morning, we were already out and accidentally wandering around the marketContinue reading “Celebration rehearsal – San Feliu de Guíxols, Catalonia, Spain”

Planning, traffic and laundry – San Feliu de Guíxols, Catalonia, Spain

Kevin was awake early this morning plotting and planning our next stop. We had a sort of vague plan to head south to where it is warm and some places we had missed on the way north previously. However, we know it is the right plan when we both get excited to go. We hadContinue reading “Planning, traffic and laundry – San Feliu de Guíxols, Catalonia, Spain”

Castellfollit de la Roca visiting – Sant Joan Les Fonts, Catalonia, Spain

We moved inland this morning to visit a site we had seen as an image on Facebook a few weeks ago and realised we would be passing close by. We were out with the dogs early, breakfasted, van servicing done and on the road by just after 08:30. First stop a large Carrefour supermarket forContinue reading “Castellfollit de la Roca visiting – Sant Joan Les Fonts, Catalonia, Spain”

Cycling Explorations – Roses, Costa Brava, Spain

We planned to get out on bikes today, the weather being a little overcast. Kev was going for a sortie along the seafront. I had found an epic route on an app, 30 miles, 2000ft+ route up the large hills behind us. However after 15 mins unsuccessfully trying to get my phone to talk toContinue reading “Cycling Explorations – Roses, Costa Brava, Spain”

Buenos Días España – Roses, Costa Brava, Spain

We had an early start watching the English Red Roses play the New Zealand Black Ferns in the women’s Rugby World Cup. Despite valiant play after they had a player sent off after 17 minutes and still leading much of the game, England had their 5th straight defeat against New Zealand in the final. AContinue reading “Buenos Días España – Roses, Costa Brava, Spain”

Campsite Time – Mataró, Barcelona, Spain

After yesterday’s full on day of over 21,000 steps today we had vowed to give mainly the dogs but also ourselves a day off. Every time we go to campsites we see all these people sat round relaxing but we seem to have struggled to achieve that level of wind down yet. We tried itContinue reading “Campsite Time – Mataró, Barcelona, Spain”

Bar-ce-looo-naaa! – Mataró, Barcelona, Spain

Today we were booked onto the 10.30 campsite shuttle into the centre of Barcelona for our self-guided tour of the city. I had made the mistake of playing Freddie Mercury’ and Monserrat Caballé’s “Barcelona” track (used after his death as the theme for the summer Olympics hosted here in 1992) on the van stereo onContinue reading “Bar-ce-looo-naaa! – Mataró, Barcelona, Spain”

Chores and Chill – Barcelona, Spain

We had a fun night last night at the Pescador Erimaño eating paella and watching Flamenco. Interesting it was the least seafood heavy paella we have had and yet the most tasty. Often we find the rice is really over cooked and soggy, but this was a really lovely flavour and the rice was almostContinue reading “Chores and Chill – Barcelona, Spain”