Cycling Explorations – Roses, Costa Brava, Spain

We planned to get out on bikes today, the weather being a little overcast. Kev was going for a sortie along the seafront. I had found an epic route on an app, 30 miles, 2000ft+ route up the large hills behind us. However after 15 mins unsuccessfully trying to get my phone to talk to the app, I used another app to create an automated route north over the hills.

I set off and was immediately sent around in a circle by the Sat-Nav bringing me literally back past the campsite 🙄 However after that, I was sent down a fairly uninspiring straight concrete road, though as least with room for a cycle track down the side. Next into an older village of Palau-Saverdera, this was more like it, a bit of exploration. Soon the road was heading uphill and I was panting my way up the climb.

Then I find the road ahead closed. I tried to head right but the road literally ran out, into a track which my sleek road bike was definitely not designed for. I get out Google maps and work out I can take a short path to rejoin the road so I push my bike a little further and rejoin the road, albeit in a state of construction without tarmac. I push my bike a little further and find the route north that my Sat-Nav intends. Only to find it is not in fact a road at all. Although the first part is rutted concrete, the signage is definitely that it is a hiking trail. Drats.

Consultation with Google maps once more reveals there is no road over the hills anywhere close. Ah well, I try to get it to plot me a longer route back but it is not playing ball. So I navigate myself back to Roses with my Sat-Nav constantly telling me to U-turn. I decide to have a look at the citadel in Roses then take a trip back along the seafront. A paltry 11 mile loop, not what I had planned at all but I did not want to push my luck trying to manually navigate on fairly busy roads on the opposite side of the road so head back to the van. At least I got some nice pictures from Palau-Saverdera.

Kevin faired better enjoying a cycle up to the marina in Roses and back as far as the cycle route goes toward Empuriabrava. He got some nice pictures back across the bay and found a nice bar for us to visit later.

This afternoon we have a couple of rugby games to watch using the good wifi on site. We have also done a bit of planning for our next stop a little inland tomorrow.

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