Final day – Sangatte, France

Our final day started with a couple of hours of driving to the north coast of France. We passed the entrance for the Channel Tunnel and went onto the small village of Sangatte. The name of this village is obviously notorious now for the Red Cross migrant camp which was set up here in 1999Continue reading “Final day – Sangatte, France”

Pushing North – Rouen, France

Today the plan was originally to visit one of the castles in the Loire valley, but a heavy fog greeted us this morning. We had also investigated Rouen more, infamously the town when Joan of Arc was killed, but also a lovely historic city awarded UNESCO City of Gastronomy 2021. Our Tunnel Crossing is nowContinue reading “Pushing North – Rouen, France”

More celebrations – Saint Jean d’Angély

Wednesday was my birthday, so we get to celebrate another anniversary on the road. Our travel plans for next year evolved yesterday and we are now excitedly looking at the logistics of skiing with two dogs and a motorhome on the way to Morocco. Therefore my birthday starts with a drive north so that weContinue reading “More celebrations – Saint Jean d’Angély”

Oyster quest continues – Chateau d’Oléron, France

We decided to start today with a bit of fresh air and exercise so we were on our bikes to visit the lighthouse, Phare de Chassiron on the northern tip of Île d’Oléron straight after breakfast. It was good job we had had our breakfast as it was 8 degrees with a biting wind andContinue reading “Oyster quest continues – Chateau d’Oléron, France”

Oyster quest continues – Saint-Denis-d’Oléron, France

Leaving Bordeaux we made another big river crossing over the Gironde and the impressively tall Pont d’Aquitaine and then shortly after the Dodoyne, which must take us a fair way up the major rivers of France tick list now. We had a tip off on another Oyster Haven on the Île d’Oléron just up theContinue reading “Oyster quest continues – Saint-Denis-d’Oléron, France”

City tour and more rugby – Bordeaux, France

So those reading the previous blog will understand on Sunday we had the unexpected dilemma of getting to see France play rugby literally 20mins walk away from where we are staying. However, eventually we decided the compromise on watching France play Georgia was to go into Bordeaux and do a tour, have another fabulous lunchContinue reading “City tour and more rugby – Bordeaux, France”

Rugby ready – Bordeaux, France

Yesterday we had some online admin work to do, so had a quiet day at the campsite, with a lunchtime break for more Oysters for Kevin in Gujarat-Mestras. It had been a national holiday for Armistice Day on Thursday and it appears everyone had decided to take the Friday off for a nice seafood lunch.Continue reading “Rugby ready – Bordeaux, France”

Dune du Pilat visit – Gujarat-Mestras, France

Today was Sand Dune day! Not just any old sand dune, the Dune du Pilat is the largest in Europe at approximately 115m above sea level and apparently still growing at 1.5m a year eastward, 500m wide east to west and 2.7km long. So, it is on of those must-see items along the way. OurContinue reading “Dune du Pilat visit – Gujarat-Mestras, France”