Krug Off-Road Weekend – Biberach, Germany

We have for 2 years been investigating our future in terms of overlanding travel. We swapped our large and luxurious Niesmann Bischoff Flair 920 for our current Hymer MLT 580 just over a year ago to enable us to get off-road and to move places in mainland Europe. Although we were hoping it could takeContinue reading “Krug Off-Road Weekend – Biberach, Germany”

Into Germany – Strasbourg (France) and Ulm, Germany

Monday morning saw us driving further north toward Strasbourg. We had a choice from Colmar, to either go via Strasbourg or the Black Forest. We were both a bit intrigued by Strasbourg, the former capital of the Alsace region and current host of the European Parliament and Court of Human Rights. So, we decided toContinue reading “Into Germany – Strasbourg (France) and Ulm, Germany”

Visiting Hellgeth and taking a Spa – Bad Lobenstein, Germany

We had a leisurely start to the day in Kronach, as we were not due at Hellgeth Engineering for our Unimog tour until 1pm in Wurzbach only 30mins away. Lizzy, Lola and I went off for a run up the hills (14%!) behind us and into the woods beyond. It was my first time “canicrossing”Continue reading “Visiting Hellgeth and taking a Spa – Bad Lobenstein, Germany”

Beer Tasting on a Monday – Kronach, Germany

Monday was chores day, a trip to the laundrette, supermarket, diesel, LPG etc to refill. We spent the morning in Schweinfurt doing laundry as my new favourite laundrette was there which has a machine which gives change in coins, so I went with a wad a low value notes to pay for each 50c dryingContinue reading “Beer Tasting on a Monday – Kronach, Germany”

And relax – Schweinfurt, Germany

After the last couple of days walking an average of 11-12 miles a day in all elements and camped in festival mud and live music at Bad Kissingen. We woke with some relief to a nice Sunday lie-in (ok, I did). A pleasant walk around Schweinfurt today in the autumnal sunshine. Lunch eaten unbelievably outdoorsContinue reading “And relax – Schweinfurt, Germany”

Abenteuer Allrad – Bad Kissingen, Germany

Wednesday morning, we awoke to a much clearer day in Ramsthal and as we had until 1pm for the campground to open at the Adventure Overland show in Bad Kissingen, we decided to retry our previous day’s walk to try and see the views. this time we were rewarded with views of hills up toContinue reading “Abenteuer Allrad – Bad Kissingen, Germany”

Drizzly Day – Ramsthal, Germany

Today it started raining as we took Lizzy and Lola out for a walk first thing and has not stopped all day. We hung around in Clouline this morning hoping for it to stop, writing up the blog, doing some language lessons etc. After lunch we decided we wanted to stretch our legs anyway, soContinue reading “Drizzly Day – Ramsthal, Germany”

Heading north – (via Hammelburg) Ramsthal, Germany

We had another walk around Rothenburg after the rugby and got to see the gardens through town and the views down the valley. The countryside around seems to be unspoilt woodland turning beautiful autumnal shades from amber through to red, with the tips of towers peering through the canopy. As the light faded and itContinue reading “Heading north – (via Hammelburg) Ramsthal, Germany”

Medieval Beauty – Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

It was 0 degrees C when we took out Lizzy and Lola for their morning ablutions this morning. The grass in the field was crisp with frost, not that they seemed to mind as we ssshed their play fighting enthusiasm as everyone else was trying to sleep. It was still super cozy in Clouline thoughContinue reading “Medieval Beauty – Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany”

Misty start to Saturday – Dinkelsbühl, Germany

This morning started with a walk around the walls of Dinkelsbühl, with its 18 towers and 4 gates. As everywhere we seem to want to walk in Germany, there is a well laid tarmac / hardcore cycle / walking path all the way round; joining up with various other routes signposted to other nearby villages.Continue reading “Misty start to Saturday – Dinkelsbühl, Germany”