Cycling adventures and celebrations – San Feliu de Guíxols, Catalonia, Spain

I had decided my birthday wish today was to start the day with a cycle to Tossa de Mar along the coast. So at 8am I was on the road, just after daybreak. Luckily, it was pretty easy navigation, turn right out of the Aire and keep going, first mile uphill 🙄🚴🏻‍♀️ I even saw an Iberian fox at the top of the hill! Infact the whole route was either a 4-8% gradient uphill or a nice swooping hairpins downhill. There was hardly a single flat stretch in the entire 13 miles to Tossa de Mar!

Views from the coast road

It was an absolutely delightful ride along the coast with the rising sun. Probably my favourite cycle route so far, amazing views, sweeping downhills and not too much uphill! Quite a few photo stops on the way out, culminating on the obligatory bike-in-picturesque-spot photo on Tossa de Mar beach overlooking the castle 😁😎. The town was very quiet and perhaps a little scruffier than San Feliu de Guíxols, however it was early still. The trip back took practically half the time of the way out and Kevin had the coffee pot ready for my arrival 😁☕️ He and the girls had had a lovely walk along the breakwater whilst I was out.

Needing a shower when I got back we needed to visit the service point for refilling and emptying. There is a very friendly older couple parked up on the spot next door to the service point, sat out on their deckchairs with washing strung out behind them complete with enormous y-fronts 😂 They sit there nodding and smiling as you empty your toilet cassette beside them, thankfully slightly sheltered from their view by our van but all a little odd nonetheless 😂😳.

Cycle adventures with a beach and a castle at the end – Tossa de Mar

Anyway, have been luckily to receive lots of nice birthday wishes and even have some cards with me to open from thoughtful family who organised sending them to us in the UK before we set off.

Kevin had done a great reccky for lunch and found us the best place so far. An absolutely delicious lunch for €18.50 including wine, water and bread. I even had pooch for desert 😂 Now a well deserved siesta and a good book before perhaps a vino tinto and some tapas tonight 😁🍾🇪🇸

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