Grimaldi Ferry between Barcelona and Porto Torres, Sardinia

Yesterday was a bit of a steady day, spent wandering round the lovely delicatessens of San Feliu de Guíxols deciding on some Spanish delicacies to take with us on to our next destination. A bit of reading, healthy lunch early night as today we have an overnight ferry which departs at 02:30.

Fabulous Deli in San Feliu de Guíxols

We had originally planned to visit Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica back before lockdown after reading someone else’s blog. However, with Covid etc and other plans we never made it. However, we worked out we could get a ferry from Barcelona to Sardinia and we just decided that seemed like more fun than revisiting southern Spain. The weather may not be quite as warm but 20-22 degrees C and sunshine is more than acceptable for us Brits in November.

So, Italy here we come! We had a bit of a long day kind of hanging around to get the ferry tonight from Barcelona. We are not sure how much parking space there will be at the ferry port to arrive too many hours before. Plus we obviously have to plan around watching England v New Zealand rugby this afternoon too. So we have opted to watch that in a free Aire on the outskirts of San Feliu de Guíxols which is near a supermarket so we can stock up as most of the motorhome parking is wild camping in Sardinia and we will be cooking in much more.

I decided to get one last cycle in to Tossa de Mar along the fabulous coast road, arriving there before 9am. It was a lovely ride, probably saw 5 cars in a 26 mile ride. In fact I think I saw more bikes as it is a Saturday morning. The regular long slow hills had me breathing pretty hard, but what a great way to clear the lungs in the morning.

Next we emptied and filled all the tanks including our spare 25 litre Jerry can of water as services are not as easy to find on Sardinia. We left our Aire in San Feliu, home for the last week just before our time expired at lunch.

We are now parked up at the free Aire on the outskirts of town listening to some locals with his stereo playing some dreadful music. Pleased we paid the 5€ / night to be in town. We have stocked up at the excellent Mercadona supermarket. We had an excellent cheap lunch at the busiest restaurant / snack bar we have seen all week. It was rammed with locals. It was definitely local Catalan food, Kevin had the pork knuckles and snails.

Next will be to watch the rugby and then we will drive to the ferry, hopefully arriving about 10pm. We should dock about 16:30pm in Sardinia on Sunday.

Awaiting to board

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