Planning, traffic and laundry – San Feliu de Guíxols, Catalonia, Spain

Kevin was awake early this morning plotting and planning our next stop. We had a sort of vague plan to head south to where it is warm and some places we had missed on the way north previously. However, we know it is the right plan when we both get excited to go. We had a Zaragoza then Madrid plan almost ready to go, which we were both keen on, when we checked the forecast and it was 11 degrees and raining in Madrid, colder than home and we both rapidly went off the idea. Anyway, another plan was hatched and it involved a ferry in a few days time, so watch this space!

After all that cross referencing of sites and places to visit and routes, it was time to leave where we were. We plotted a course to Girona and a supermarket with laundry under an hour away and off we went.

10 minutes before we reached our destination we were diverted from our route due to an overturned lorry on one of the main routes through Girona. Cue lots of crawling traffic and pandemonium to follow. We made our way to the laundry only to find every single space was taken, including at least 5 double parked vehicles, one of which was an ambulance. The likelihood of a free double space for us arriving together was zero and we drove on.

Only 30 minutes up the road however was San Feliu de Guíxols, a place recommended to us by a friend. We therefore rapidly reprogrammed SatNav and carried on. We were soon driving through the green hilly surrounds into the town with immaculately tended roundabouts with sculptures presenting a good first impression.

We found the motorhome carpark near to town on our app. It said you needed a 4×4 to get in, luckily we have one of them. There were already 6-7 vans there, none 4×4. I was thinking people do exaggerate until I saw someone leaving after we had lunch who nearly took their bike rack off the back getting down the slope out. Luckily we have sufficient ground clearance to avoid that.

Main Street in San Feliu de Guíxols

We took a wander into town to visit tourist information per the signage to pay our 5€ / night. We were greeted with the sound of Jack hammers as we entered, the area in front of the tourist office and the castle is large building site where they appear to have unearthed some interesting large stone foundations. Fees paid, we thought we would have a quick walk around before lunch. However, almost everywhere we went the jackhammers followed. They are extending the harbour with truck loads of lorries going over the beach, several shops have missing walls etc as it seems like everywhere is using the off-season for renovations. A good sign of investment I guess.

Feliu de Guíxols – be nice when it is finished 😉😁

Although it was a little overcast, it was a pleasant 22 degrees and we had considered lunch out. However, we decided lunch in the van away from the building works might be more pleasant.

I am currently in the laundrette having had lunch, just to show it is not all glamour and dining out.

Meanwhile, Kevin has been doing some maintenance and thankfully spotted a very perished O-ring on our LPG. Could have literally been a disaster. Thankfully Ferreteria located and replacement bought and fitted. Check your o-rings folks!

O-Ring before and after

We were planning to head out tonight but it seems that a lot of restaurants are closed until Thursday. It also means bringing forward our acclimatisation to late Spanish eating as they don’t open until at least 8pm.

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