Enjoying the sunshine – Notteri, (Villasimius), Sardinia, Italy

This morning we were up early for our morning dog walk to catch the sunrise on the beach. The dawn was absolutely glorious from darkest indigo to the more fluorescent orange.

We all enjoyed watching the sunrise across the beautiful beach and coastline. Kevin got some fabulous pictures which will be a memory to save forever.

Back to the van for breakfast by morning coffee before we were off again for more photos. This time our target was the Sentiero della Cava tower which has been guarding the headland here since 1578, part of the extensive system of pirate defences we see on every headland. We followed the path up the hill from our parking spot to the tower in order to be able to get the iconic shot of the spit of Beach between the sea and the Stagno pool with resident flamingoes beyond. It was well worth a climb and we had some fabulous pictures overlooking the whole headland from the bottom of the isthmus back towards Villasimius.

After all that walking we had and lunch and set up camp next to the van in the sunshine. We are making good use of the sunshine today taking the opportunity of the strong input to our solar panels to charge up all of our luxury electrical items such as electric bikes, toothbrushes and hoovers that our extra battery capacity gives us.

Looking back to Spiaggia di Porto Giunco from Sentiero della Cava

Kevin has been up on the roof checking on things there whilst we have their bikes down from the rack. So after all our jobs are done we’re heading to the beach for a swim followed by a barbecue this evening. We have some more swordfish to cook 😋 tomorrow will be heading to the big smoke of Cagliari so we’re making the most of our camping spot for today.

P.S. Thanks to Christian for pointing out some months ago that the navigation on the block is desperately basic. I have finally gotten around to adding an “All” option on the menu so that you can look back on all of the previous posts in one place. Hope that helps

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