Nearer the beach – Notteri, (Villasimius), Sardinia, Italy

This morning after a quiet night by the sea in our little carpark park-up it was time to do some exploring. We had only arrived at dusk yesterday so had not seen a great deal when we arrived. We could see a route on Google maps via the beach and the marina over to the coast on the other side of the isthmus. There is a white sand beach which forms a spit of land between a pool (Stagno) full of flamingoes and the sea. The photos looked so good we decided to risk the potential mosquitoes and visit.

Glimpse of Spiaggia di Porto Giunco

We were looking to get to the high ground to the south of the beach for photos. After walking sections of road, a washed away set of stairs, through a break in fencing pushing through some prickly scrub bush (thank goodness we chose jeans not shorts today) we had seen the marina, an old fortress and a deserted resort type village. The marina especially was very nice with several catamarans which we were admiring.

We got a glimpse of the beach from the top of the hill but it looked like the best way was to drop down to the beach and walk up the hill. We dropped down onto a sand track leading to the original parking spot we had planned for last night. However, as we had arrived at dusk we had chosen one without over hanging trees to negotiate as we are quite tall.

Fortezza Vecchia

We decided to walk down and check out the parking and visit the beach. When we arrived there were two vans parked up, one with English plates, the first we have seen for weeks. We said a quick hello and asked about the parking and were advised to go and see the lovely beach, from which they had just arrived from swimming. The dogs needed little persuasion to head to the sandy place. A short walk down the boardwalks, through the dunes and onto the lovely white sand and we had made out minds up to move the van.

So we walked back to the marina, picked up the van, drove down the road and found a spot. It was great to be able to get out some chairs and camp out a bit as this spot is out of the way. We were soon chatting to Simon and Wendy about their travels and comparing notes on where to stay. We did much better from the exchange, as they had just come down Italy and across Sicily where we are planning to go next. However, they are heading up the east coast of Sardinia, where we have not been so we could not offer much in return. Anyway all we exchanged contacts and wished them well on their journey

We decided to revisit a cafe we had passed at the marina for a light lunch before returning back to the van. Although it is quite mild here is some really high cloud which is shading the sun. Tomorrow promises to a nice sunny day so we will get down to the beach then. We have just been catching up with family, blog writing, cooking, reading etc today.

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