What a difference a day makes – Bosa, Sardinia, Italy

As forecast, the sun came out today and what felt like a drab and stuffy town yesterday was transformed today. It was lovely to watch the waves through the windscreen with our morning cup of tea. We started with a morning walk across the beach. The recent storm has brought in lots of debris to the beach which for Lola is a great opportunity to kill every stick and washed up bottle. We walked across to the Torre Isola Rossa tower opposite where we are parked. Built between 1578 and 1595 to defend the shores from Saracen pirates. The Sardinia flag which we have seen around the town also attest to wars with the Saracens through the depiction of 4 bandaged Saracens heads on a St George’s cross. The history of the design seems to be disputed but goes back to the 14th century, it’s similarity to the English flag due to the common St George’s cross is interesting.

After breakfast, chores and coffee we were ready to go an explore Bosa town. It had a lovely picture postcard setting of coloured houses lining the hill up to the castle. We had to get that picture so chose the other route into town along the river and over the footbridge. We were lucky to get the sun coming over the hill just as the we turned the corner of the river to see the view. Photos for the day duly taken, we could head on in to explore.

The old town has rather uneven cobbled streets mostly not wide enough for cars. The sensible proximity of the houses creating natural shade for the hot summer monthly. The upper narrow streets were mostly deserted. There were quite a few locals though in bars and cafes as lunch time approached. It has a kind of faded beauty, it is not pristinely renovated, but authentically aged.

We found a rather lovely bar after our second attempt to find pizza failed as none were open at lunch and neither of us fancies the 2 mile each way walk into town in the dark to get one. We had a local beer and the usual selection of crisps and nuts etc that seems to come as standard. In fact we loved the lovely thick tumbler glasses that our beers came in that much we agreed to buy some with the help of Google Translate. So much nicer a souvenir than you get in the tat shops.

We found a nice sandwich for lunch in the sunshine at a nearby deli with a great local wine selection served by the host. He seemed to be a local boy returned after working in the US and UK.

This afternoon we have return to the van for some research to where to go next to catch up on the blog etc. After 2 hours of playing around with the Italian SIM yesterday finally getting that to randomly work after putting it in a phone for a couple of hours.

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