Good start, rain later – Bosa, Sardinia, Italy

In the morning we woke up in Alghero, I had decided on a bike ride so was on the road early. Kev took the girls for a walk around the harbour.

View back along the coast to Alghero

I saw my first nuraghe at the side of the road behind a big steel fence. Over 7000 have been found on Sardinia, built by the Nuragic people between 1900 and 730BC. They are quoted as being as old as the pyramids but my basic amount of Googling suggests they are not quite as old, still equivalent to Bronze Age. It is disputed what their function was but it is a tribute to the way that Sardinia remains unspoilt for much of its area that so many remain.

Nuraghe at Palmavera

We were soon on our way to our next overnight stop after I returned. We had looked at a camping spot behind a beach just up the coast. However when we went past the gates were locked and no obvious way to access, plus we had received two weather alerts to various devices, although at least one was a day out of date. We pushed on therefore to the village of Bosa which has grown up on the shadow of the castle built there.

It was a lovely coast road to get there, hardly any cars and lovely twisty coast road. It reminded us both a bit of Iceland. We passed only one building, amongst the green hills and cliffs. The surf was crashing and the wind blowing up a mist into the sun was majestic. There is also some interest geology in the hills with some very dramatic rock formations which I guess tell a tale if you have any idea about these things.

We found the parking area in Bosa after only one U-turn. There are a number of motorhome no entry signs, which based on the narrow cobbled streets in the town centre was probably born of some hard and expensive lessons to some welt intrepid travellers.

The gravel parking spot is right in front of a big beach just off the marina. When we landed we made a tea to decide the forward plan only to find we had runout of Internet 😳😨😰 Turns out we had reached the roaming limit on our Spanish SIM card. We located a mobile phone shop in Bosa and dashed in before they shut for siesta. It just started raining as we left, by the time we arrived walking through a rough and scruffy part of town we were wet. We did not feel like doing anymore sightseeing.

However, after the SIM card was procured we decided to head back to a busy bar / pizzeria we passed on the way in. We located the bar, but they were just a bar. Pizza next door, except when we got there, they did not have Pizza at lunch. We chose something else, but we had set our minds on pizza, that plus an annoying couple of flies with a 3ft radius flight path of annoyance meant a very unsatisfactory lunch.

We got back to the van and hung up our wet clothes, wrapped the girls in the drying robes. Luckily by the evening the rain cleared up and we had a lovely beach walk at sunset

Sunset dog walk along the beach

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