Lest we forget – Lagrasse, Occitanie, France

Last night we managed to catch up with friend Claire and her son Archie after a kind invitation from Pat and Alec for a light supper. Pat and Alec are staying at Claire and Guy’s gîtes and we had a funny moment when we managed to speak to Guy via their Ring doorbell trying to get in the door. Guy who is actually in Mullion where we usually live currently. Confusion soon resolved, but amusing how we have swapped places.

Lagrasse market place

We started this morning with our usual morning dog swimming in the river with excited stick retrievals. We again managed a different route through the village back and found the church, hidden amongst houses, whose bells we can hear tolling the hour at night. We wondered down the ancient alleys until finally we were disgorged back to the boulevard through some alleyway you had not noticed before.

Back for breakfast and coffees before we came back to the village to watch the remembrance day parade. Luckily Claire had warned us that due to the time difference it is commemorated at 12pm in France. We met Claire, Archie, Pat and Alec at the war memorial.

The local Mayor led the procession including firemen and some other fancy uniforms we could not identify. The major gave a speech which I could at least partially follow then the 2 minute silence, though this did not appear to be very precisely timed. It was moving to be in France for Remembrance Day where so much of the carnage and suffering took place in the past.

Remembrance Day Parade in Lagrasse

We said our goodbyes and left the others who were departing for a shopping trip to Carcassone. We opted for a light salad lunch at L’Entrecote which we had enjoyed on our last visit. Our afternoon was spent with a bit of reading and dog walking but also van servicing emptying and filling tanks etc.

Tonight we finally get to try the much recommended Le Bastion restaurant which we missed on our last visit as it was closed. We make a table of 7 tonight which should be great fun. They have a Michelin Bid Gormand rating and are tipped to receive a star on the next review so we have great expectations!

Le Bastion

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