Sunshine at last – Lagrasse, Occitanie, France

We had a leisurely start after a long drive yesterday. A traditionally French breakfast after a short walk to the Boulangerie. We had croissant and expresso for breakfast. The sun was shining it was 20 degrees. We had the motorhome door open enjoying the day. After non-stop rain until Toulouse yesterday it was like we had turned back the seasons.

I had stacked up the used bin bag and dog food tin outside the door whilst I washed up, only for some local dog to take the opportunity to grab the tin and leg it. Kevin saw it it dash off and went to pursuit but it dashed off further tin in its mouth!

River walks in Lagrasse

We were just settling down with a cup of tea when two Cornish voices from back in Mullion (where we live in Cornwall) came drifting across the car park. Pat James and Alec Gilbert, who are visiting Pat’s daughter Claire in the village, had stopped by. We had been chatting before we left and realised we were all converging on Lagrasse at the same time. We quickly made plans for lunch, unfortunately Claire was at a funeral today but more plans are in place for tomorrow.

Abbaye Sainte-Marie de Lagrasse

Before lunch, we took the dogs for a lovely walk and swim in L’Orbieau river running through the village, past the Abbaye and over the bridge before discovering some more little back streets and shops in the village we had not seen on our last visit.

A fabulous three course lunch was enjoyed at La Cocotte Fêlée with Pat and Alec, with perhaps a little red wine for refreshment.

Over looking the Abbaye in Lagrasse

Back to the van for a big of blog writing catch up and perhaps a siesta 😁😋.

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