Heading further south – Lagrasse, Occitanie, France

Today started with more rain as the westerly fronts also assaulting Cornwall continue to drench La Rochelle. We had made the decision to continue our trek south, next stop Lagrasse where we have arranged to meet up with some friends.

So we executed the usual departure list of dog walking, breakfasting, services etc. we stopped off at an Intermarche supermarket about 30 mins up the road for fresh supplies and fuel before continuing our journey.

We are currently listening to SAS: Rogue Heroes by Ben MacIntyre as our audiobook on route having very much enjoyed the BBC series before we left. This made the journey feel much shorter.

We did not get to Lagrasse until nearly 6pm and with some local businesses shut for holiday season it was pretty dark when we arrived. We did not manage to get here in time to meet our friends so we had an early night after a long drive.

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