The longest beach and more seafood – San Vicente de la Barquera, Cantabria, Spain

This morning started with another lovely beach walk with Lizzy and Lola. This time along the longest beach in northern Spain, Playa de Méron and Playa de Gerra which are literally a 2 minute walk from the entrance to the campsite. Again dogs were prohibited but with about 10 other dogs in near view we decided there was safety in numbers. Over the iconic boardwalk onto the beautiful golden sand. Already a number of surfers were bobbing like seals in the water. We walked the full mile and a half distance along the beach playing sticks with the dogs and enjoying a great start to our morning. On the return journey we were treated to the glorious view of the Picos de Europa snow capped mountains framing inch the view.

Now acclimatised to the Spanish timetable, we headed off for lunch around 1pm. We joined many Spanish families enjoyed a seafood joint feast, the atmosphere was lovely. Lots of locals enjoying a relaxing Sunday. The sun has really shone today. Not sure the temperature, probably 23-25 degrees C. We have been sticking with the locals and staying in the shade. The clouds have been clear all day and we have enjoyed a leisurely afternoon with some beer, wine and seafood. Happy Sundays 😎😀

Seafood tapas for lunch

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