Beach walks and Seafood – San Vicente de la Barquera, Cantabria, Spain

We had the most beautiful start to this morning with a one mile walk to the picturesque beach in the village. Despite the dogs prohibited sign there were already 3 local dogs out for a walk. So we decided to join them. It was still fairly early and the light was just perfect for some photos. Lola had found a stick to kill and was charging about with Lizzy running behind her barking. We were as always the loudest dogs on the beach.

Another massive 20km drive along the lovely coastline of northern Spain. There was beautiful estuaries and beaches amongst the lush farmland and woods. We arrived to our next spot at Camping El Rosal before lunch after some deliberation on the clearance of the 3.1m gateway and which pitch had the best view. A quick cup of tea and Kevin was soon hankering for some seafood in the harbourside from the fishing port over the estuary.

Our pitch at Camping El Rosal

This afternoon turned into a seafood extravaganza and a very happy Kevin. We walked over the beautiful arched bridge, sadly without a view of the Picos de Europa due to cloud. However the sun was shining and the town and estuary looked fabulous as we walked around the bay from our campsite. It is at most a 100m swim across the mouth of the bay but is about 3km to the far end of the bay.

After very little deliberation, driven by hunger we chose El Pescador (the fisherman) restaurant. I think Kevin felt drawn having been a fisherman in Cornwall for a few years. We were served by a lovely lady called Betty who was enjoying our enthusiasm. So we had a long lovely luncheon in the sun with scallops, turbot, squid and tiramisu plus some excellent chilled Albariño white wine from the region.

Once we had satisfied our hunger we had to continue our walk to the end of the bay to opposite our campsite. We had researched a seafood restaurant on the point but had not made it there for lunch. We decided to check it out for the following day. However, when we arrived, it’s amazing location, right on the waterside on the mouth of the bay won us over and we decided to stop for a drink. They brought the menu out and we then realised the restaurant was called the La Ostrería (Oyster Shop), which is Kevin’s favourite. So half a dozen pacific oysters then had to be ordered with our drinks! An extravagant afternoon, but, one of the best we have had in our motorhome so far.

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