Moving west – Llanes, Asturias, Spain

We took our final walk along the beach by the campsite this morning. The stick competition was won conclusively by Lola.

Reluctantly we move on from San Vicente de la Barquera today. We have really enjoyed it here and we could happily stay for much longer. However, we have a timetable based on maximum duration for our trip and we need to move on. Next stop is the pretty little seaside town of Llanes before we move inland and up to the Picos de Europa.

We successfully located the Aire in Llanes and the sun was shining. We had a few jobs to do this afternoon, filling up water, draining grey water, stock up at the supermarket. After a full on weekend of wining and dining we decided on a quiet afternoon with books in the sun and eating in. We walked the dogs to the viewpoint nearby. Tomorrow we explore Llanes, where we can also get a local SIM card to finish off our jobs list.

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