Heading north – (via Hammelburg) Ramsthal, Germany

We had another walk around Rothenburg after the rugby and got to see the gardens through town and the views down the valley. The countryside around seems to be unspoilt woodland turning beautiful autumnal shades from amber through to red, with the tips of towers peering through the canopy. As the light faded and it turned into evening and elegant street lighting started and some floodlighting gave Rothenburg another cosier winter look.

The following morning, we decided to head a little further north to get ourselves in position to get a good spot when the camping opens for Abentruer Allrad (Adventure Overland) show on Wednesday. We had found a nice Stellplatz near the small town of Hammelburg. We found a spot with some power and headed into town for a couple of errands. Buying paper face masks being number one, as the restrictions here are specific to proper surgical masks. We got a few photos of the town, which is the oldest wine producing town in the region.

We had lunch back in Clouline, however, after a couple of other motorhome had moved on, we were rather surrounded by semi-permanent French traveller caravans with children running free. We decided the benefit of motorhome life being mobility we would move on. We quickly found another spot, a small village called Ramsthal, in the valley of steep hills on which the villagers have been growing wine since the 12th century.

We had a walk through the village in the early evening and were pleased to find two weinkellers selling locally produced wine. Even better, we got to have an impromptu wine tasting and tapas! Although Kevin and I did not agree on our favourite, we both agreed we had found one of the nicest white wines we had ever had. Therefore there was nothing for it than to buy some of both ☺️

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