Drizzly Day – Ramsthal, Germany

Today it started raining as we took Lizzy and Lola out for a walk first thing and has not stopped all day. We hung around in Clouline this morning hoping for it to stop, writing up the blog, doing some language lessons etc. After lunch we decided we wanted to stretch our legs anyway, so put on our wet weather gear and headed out. In the car park there is details of a 7.5km walk around the hills surrounding Ramsthal, route 8.

The route was largely uphill for the first mile from the village reaching the top of the hills surrounding the village. It was extremely well signposted with hardcore / tarmac all the way. We went through woodland, farmland, along the grape vines and wildflower meadows. We reached Knückelien, the highest point around which has been made into a viewpoint with benches etc. Sadly visibility was about 15m at the top! Sure it must be a great view usually. We past the children’s nursery literally in the middle of a wood (what a lovely spot for them) plus a lovely little church nearby, just surrounded by trees. The path then wound back down to the village, we are now back to Clouline to dry off before heading out to the local restaurant tonight.

For information- the Stellplatz here at Ramsthal is free to stay, 8 electric points at 1€/kw, water is 1€ / 100l. Black waste disposal available plus recycling though we can’t seem to find normal bins.

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