Misty start to Saturday – Dinkelsbühl, Germany

This morning started with a walk around the walls of Dinkelsbühl, with its 18 towers and 4 gates. As everywhere we seem to want to walk in Germany, there is a well laid tarmac / hardcore cycle / walking path all the way round; joining up with various other routes signposted to other nearby villages. It is a bit of misty start this morning, not quite so photogenic as yesterday, but Lizzy and Lola don’t mind that and are pleased to stretch their legs. It is a couple of miles to complete the circuit, there are some areas of the original moat remaining and several well maintained wooden footbridges across into the towers to enter the town.

After a bit of breakfast, some blog updating, some more French and German lessons and a short run with Lola, including a bit of a squirrel power boost 😂 it was time for some more sightseeing.

We walked a few streets we had not explored in the old town and headed into to Münster St. Georg at the centre of the town, the gothic church which although austere outside has an impressive vaulted ceiling and amusing pretzel window sponsored by the bakers guild.

Münster St. Georg, Dinkelsbühl

Finally a late lunch in a great restaurant before heading back to watch the Wasps v Exeter rugby game. Another great day 😊

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