Venturing onwards- Dinkelsbühl, Germany

Today we moved another whole 30 minutes along the Romantic Road to Dinkelsbühl. Just a little bit of motorhome info for those that are interested, Nördlingen was 5€ per night, plus 2€ per 2kw for electric, water was free, as was black waste disposal. We had to buy a parking ticket and display in the windscreen/ passenger window in arrival. At Dinkelsbühl, you can pay for parking by card for everything else with coins. Dinkelsbühl is 6€ per night and the same as Nördlingen for everything else. It does mean you have to try and break a note everywhere you go and ask for coins for change. We have definitely concluded over the last few nights, where to be fair the temperature has pretty low (<7C), that LPG powered heating is considerably more economical than coin powered electric heating. After a night or two of the power tripping out during the night and causing the fridge to beep, we have converted to gas for fridge and heating.

We filled up on water and also disposed on grey waste at Nördlingen with the great drive over waste disposal they have in Europe. We also topped up on diesel and LPG on the way into Dinkelsbühl, we are using the app to locate LPG filling. They do seem to be much more available than in the UK where they seem to be being removed from petrol stations now. We have the Gaslow bottles which can fill directly on the forecourt though be warned, there are different adapters in UK, France and Germany. Luckily Kevin had stocked up in these before we left and we were relieved to find they have all fitted well so far.

Dinkelsbühl Stellplatz

The Stellplatz we chose at Dinkelsbühl near the Rothenburger Tor entrance to the town (found via SearchforSites App). There are I think three Stellplatz in town, we chose this it is an easy route in, big pitches and near to town. There is also a nice bit of field alongside a stream to walk the dogs. We arrived just before lunch and the sun was blazing and easily got a nice big pitch, turns out that was good timing as by evening there were 30-40 vans parked up wherever they could get including someone cheekily parking across the gap between us and the next pitch. It must be a proper scrum in the summer for places.

We spent the afternoon wandering the streets on the beautiful walled town of Dinkelsbühl. It was spared damage in World War II and the Thirty Year War (although it apparently changed hands seems perfectly preserved with its cobbled streets and joyously coloured steep roofed houses. Very few cars around, lovely and quiet, people sat in cafes in the sun watching the world go by. We grabbed a drink the cafe in the shadow of Münster St Georg, having to take the only table left which was in the shade and in a very cold draught 🥶

We bid a hasty retreat and opted for an early dinner in an authentic German Brew house just outside one of the gates into town. The waiter was sporting the traditional leather shorts and the barmaid the traditional medieval dress. The menu was of a similar style of traditional German Schnitzels etc, though even with my limited German we managed to get something to suit everyone. Once again Lizzy and Lola were welcomed in, we have not been refused entry at any restaurant or cafe with the dogs. They seem surprised sometime we even ask, suggesting the dogs are most welcome first! Border Terriers are relatively rare here and we do get quite a few looks. I even had a lady pull up and stop her car in the morning and excitedly start talking to me in German about our “Border Hunds”, greeting Lizzy and Lola very enthusiastically.not entirely sure what she was saying and the girls took their stardom as something to be expected 😎 as always.

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