Daniel Tower views – Nördlingen, Germany

Slow start today, a tour of another supermarket, Kaufland, to pick up the bits we could not get in the last one. Literally a 2 minute walk from the Motorhome Stellplatz, which is great and saves all the hassles of trying to find parking for our big Clouline. Foreign supermarkets are always much more interesting, this one has a huge range of everything, fruit and vegetables you have never seen before and just big selection of everything. No bare shelves like we are getting sometimes in the UK right now. Shelves of wine mainly German, a whole section for each area and despite the 1970’s Blue Nun reputation, I have not had a bad glass of wine yet here, in fact some of the best I have had in a long time.

However, first though obviously we had to go to Woolies and get some pick and mix and pick out some singles from the charts 🤣 except it seems to be more of a clothes shop here.

Back to Clouline for a bit if admin and some family calls before heading out for dog walk and more exploring. This time the walk around the outside of the walls to give the dogs a nice run off lead and some of the quieter streets outside the centre.

The main target today was to ascend the Daniel Tower of the St. Georg church. It sits in the centre of the Nördlingen crater and the time radiates around it. I was told it gives a good view of the crater and the countryside beyond, but it seemed to be closed yesterday. So up the 350 steps to the top of the 90m tower I go. Leniently, the pay desk is at the top of the tower and you only pay when you have reached the top and want to go and enjoy the view. This did mean the elder gentleman behind the counter climbed the steps twice a day as he informed me proudly when I mentioned it was quite a hike. Though to be fair it would not have been so bad without having to wear a mask. I can understand a little the issues of those with breathing issues

We finished today’s circumvigation and headed back for some home cooked food. The Stellplatz continues to be a hive of activity with comings and going’s. The majority are German, but also Italian, Dutch etc have been arriving. Not other Brits however.

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