On the road again – (via Harburg Castle) Nördlingen, Germany

This morning started with a walk to the local reservoir / nature reserve recommended by our neighbouring diner last night. As dogs often do, spark a conversation with strangers. A nice couple of miles before breakfast though it is definitely getting a little cool in the air now.

Next on our list was a stop off at Harburg Castle, to visit our first German Schloss. I was slightly confused navigating in that the road appeared to go over the top of the castle, however they have literally tunnelled straight underneath. Therefore the castle maintains it power stance over the town. A very reasonable €3 entry and we could take the dogs if we did not take them in the rooms. Some areas you could also only visit as part of a guided tour. although it dates back to the 11th/ 12th century, it seemed newer just because of the very different style to the UK castles. Although some of the accommodations are 16th to 18th century which may explain this. We admired the view from the ramparts and visited the shop, however, with the bitterly cold wind we opted against the restaurant outdoor dining area or biergarten in the courtyard 🥶

Therefore, onwards to Nördlingen, only another 30mins up the road. Nördlingen has the rather unique claim to fame of being built in a meteorite impact crater, created more than 15 million years ago. As a result the medieval 14th century wall circling the town, mirrors the rim and is almost perfectly circular. The streets of the town also radiate out on a circular pattern. We have just been waiting for the hail storm to pass 🥶, but now the sun is out and time to walk the walls.

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