Jobs Day – Friedberg, Germany

You may have spotted we have extended our Friedberg stay to the full three days because we like it here 😁 However, today was chance to do some jobs before we head off north. I loaded up a big rucksack and the dog carrier with laundry and headed to the nearest laundrette. Kevin was on supermarket shopping, Lizzy and Lola were mostly snoozing.

The laundrette was 4.5 miles away, no distance at all on our electric bikes. Also, the cycle paths here in Germany are fantastic, there seems to be one literally everywhere you want to go. Mostly they are separate track alongside the road, or through nice countryside for a short cut off road, or rarely at the side of the road, but if so they are clearly marked with a thick white line and there is plenty of room. There are little bike traffic lights at all the junctions, it really is a joy to cycle here and consequently there are bikes everywhere. I eventually located the laundrette and worked out the technical screen based payment system, in the spotless new laundrette.

Arrived back just in time to meet Kevin, who had found the big shopping centre which is literally the end of the road from us. All jobs done successfully 🥇 and everything packed away. After a nice walk with the girls around the suburbs of Friedberg and down by the river, we decided we had earned a nice meal out. After a bit of research, we decided on Jasmy (Asian restaurant- which was absolutely fabulous. Definitely recommend.


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