Beer Tasting on a Monday – Kronach, Germany

Monday was chores day, a trip to the laundrette, supermarket, diesel, LPG etc to refill. We spent the morning in Schweinfurt doing laundry as my new favourite laundrette was there which has a machine which gives change in coins, so I went with a wad a low value notes to pay for each 50c drying cycle etc and refill our dwindling coin stocks, without which we can’t pay to park or get power etc. Schweinfurt Wohnmobilestellplatz was 10€ for 24 hours (coins only), with 50c coins only for electric for example.

Passing castles everywhere in Bavaria

We then plotted a route for a fuel station which had LPG on route, which turned out to be a small local station with the LPG machine right in the corner on entry. Not ideal in a 9m motorhome, but with a very helpful and pragmatic attendant there who came out to meet us and declared if the German drivers could not get past us they should not have their licences!

Next to a Kaufland supermarket, again our new favourite, where we manage to get on the car park across a couple of spaces so we could load up with some heavier items. It takes a while to find things in a new supermarket let alone a foreign one, like margarine not in the fridges for example. We were even able to get a few vegan items though so list fully ticketed off.

Wohnmobile Stellplatz in Kronach

Finally on to Kronach, we are here on route to a factory visit on Tuesday with Hellgeth to see in more detail their Unimog builds. It is all a rush at the show and they kindly invited us to see them as they were only a couple of hours from Bad Kissingen. Kronach was just a handy Stellplatz nearby. We pulled up in a lovely leafy spot on tarmac with just one other motorhome and thought how nice it was to be off the tourist trail. We took Lizzy and Lola for a run in the wood behind, then thought we ought to go and explore the town.

Kronach turned out to be another lovely walled city with cobbled streets overlooked by the Rosenberg fortress (now a hotel). We wondered through the streets and happened across a nice old hotel with its own microbrewery in the basement and a full menu of German beers from light to red to dark. As we have mainly had pilsners out and about it seemed we really ought to try this wider range, when in Rome etc… so that is how a quiet Monday night became a beer tasting evening 😋

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