Sunday lunch out – Taussat (Lanton), Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

After deciding we were hunkering down for the weekend and watching rugby, by Sunday morning we had itchy feet to be on the move again. We both decided we felt like a nice Sunday lunch out, although we had some nice food in the Alps, the cheese rich hearty ski food is a long way from the usual French cuisine and we have been craving a nice French meal. It had also been a long time since we last had seafood.

So with the power that is motorhoming, we decided we would relocate to the coast beside Bordeaux. That would also put us in a good position for hopefully seeing the ophthalmic surgeon we had found for Lizzy next week too. We had a pleasant two hour drive through the Dordogne region, back over the Dordogne and eventually the Garrone rivers. It was grey and drizzly and a good day to cover some miles. The signposts were like driving through a wine catalogue as we passed Bergerac, Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux etc. Admiring the gorgeous chateaux along the way.

We eventually pulled up in a free Aire in Taussat, right on the coast of Arcachon Bay. We levelled up on some ramps etc, then dashed round the corner hoping to get in at a lovely restaurant we had spotted round the corner. They were full, but offered us a table outside under the eves of the restaurant in their little courtyard. The rain had stopped and it was looking a little brighter, plus the serving hatches for the kitchen opened to the courtyard and we could see some amazing food coming out, so we quickly agreed.

Hurray, back to fabulous seafood in France

Kevin went for the seafood assortment, as he still rates the oysters from Arcachon Bay we had when we passed this way in November 2021, as some of the best he has had. I had a lovely piece of turbot and we shared a delicious local white Bordeaux wine. Sunday lunch perfection.

Amazing food and rugby fans, the perfect restaurant

It even seemed to be a rugby themed restaurant, clearly the owner was a fan from the paintings within. We should really have congratulated them on the England v France game as they outplayed us entirely but they were super busy with a very full restaurant.

We walked off our meal with a walk along the beach with the dogs, before retiring back to the van for another number rugby afternoon of Gloucester v Leicester and Scotland v Ireland.

2 thoughts on “Sunday lunch out – Taussat (Lanton), Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

  1. Pity the weather wasn’t good as the old town of Bergerac was really well preserved and we are sure you would have liked it.


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