Hunkered down – Rouffignac-de-Sigoulès, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

All night it rained. This morning it is raining and forecast is for it to persist it down all day. This however is only the third time we can remember it raining on our whole trip, so we really cannot moan.

We had planned to head to Bordeaux and watch the Six Nations game against France this evening in a great pub we found previously. However, extensive research into camp spots in Bordeaux is not showing anything too appealing, mainly car parks which are explicitly stated as not allowing motorhomes, but you might maybe get away with it. That is not a good recipe for having a beer while watching rugby. Also Kev can get quite teasy if people in the pub are not paying sufficient attention to the game and worse still standing in front of the screen 🤯 We did stay at a really good campsite on the outskirts of Bordeaux last time, but it is a 45 min each each journey into the centre, including a 20 minute walk, and I think I did mention the rain.

Mostly rain in Bergerac… I am sure it is good for the grapes

Therefore, as we are within clear sight of the mobile phone mast with uber full signal, we are staying put… well we were until we did a snack inventory and decided we needed to make the 10 minute drive to the supermarket. Then there was a GPL garage 2 minutes from it and one of our bottles was empty. Only the attendant was 2 hours late opening up so had just arrived and we had to wait for him to boot things up, then a nice older lady jumped in inadvertently as soon as he moved his car so we could get in. Anyway, 2 hours later, we are back, motorhome services done and dogs walked. So now we are definitely hunkered down. Plus based on a heavy rugby schedule this weekend we may well not move until Monday 😄🏉, at least we had a good supply of wine in 😃🍷😂

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