Rain in Cagliari – Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

A lazy start this morning in the peace and quiet of our little corner of Cagliari. We are in good company with French, Austrian and Italian vans all arrived last night. The last preparation for us being able to get going on our Sicily tour was the laundry. I rather enjoy the hour or two of laundrette time sat peacefully with my book. However, today I did even better in my planning by selecting a laundrette only 5 mins walk away with a lovely little café next door. So this morning’s laundry time / blog writing / book reading was enjoyed with an expresso and a chocolate croissant watching the comings and goings in the neighbourhood.

When I got back to van and we had lunch, the rather dull overcast day turned to rain. It feels like weeks since we last had rain so we really can’t complain, though it did not seem to have been forecast. I had planned to walk to the far side of the city as we had not seem that yet. However, we decided to sit the rain out in the van.

Eating well in the van. Delicious tuna steaks

By late afternoon it cleared and we decided instead to walk with the dogs to Monte Urpinu which is just behind us to see the view. We went to the nearest gate which seemed to be locked but there was pedestrian access to the side so we carried on, there were signs about renovation works and there were Harris fences up etc so not really a scenic walk. It improved onto of the hill where we had good views out over the salt pans to the east by Poetto beach. However we then reached a fence and a padlocked gate so our walk was curtailed and we did not get to see the views over the old town.

The rain started again not long after we got back but thankfully cleared in the evening so we could have a last night in Cagliari. We grabbed a beer whilst we decided which restaurant to go to. Thankfully we had narrowed it down to two options from previous trips so it was not the usual saga of indecision. We had contemplated visiting the restaurant of the “King of Tuna” Luigi Pomata from the Stanley Tucci Searching for Italy programme. However, we had inadvertently had tuna at lunch and it was not opening until later. So we ended up at Terra e Mari, where we got to finish our tick list of local specialities with some Culurgiones (potato filled pasta pasties) in saffron butter and Seadas (cheese and lemon filled ravioli in honey).

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