Back to Cag – Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

We had another very early start with our New Year vigor still strong to get through our jobs list before we get onto the ferry to Sicily on Saturday. Jobs list was more admin for me, van maintenance and debugging for Kev. We were however rewarded for our efforts with another beautiful sunrise for our walk, due to the very crisp clear cool start to the day bringing clarity to the view. Probably one of the coolest morning’s so far but the days have been really warm, apparently Europe is having an unseasonably warm winter.

I managed to sort insurance our motorhome insurance renewal, as the anniversary of our collection approaches. The insurance proviso’s and limitations continue to baffle and annoy but at least for no apparent reason the premium was much reduced.

We then drove into Cagliari via a garage with LPG, so we are fully stocked for the next leg of our journey. It did mean a different route into the city but we are such old pro’s in Cagliari we soon recognised the road we were on and drove easily to the campsite. Not the usual case for city driving, it was nice to have some familiarity for the last couple of days, when you are always going somewhere new.

The secure parking in Cagliari has full services, is completely silent at night but is only a short walk to the city centre and the old town so it is a great place to stop before we head for the ferry on Saturday, only 5 minutes drive away. We have obviously been maintaining our New Year’s resolutions of reducing alcohol and healthy food 😇 However, when we walked into Cagliari in the early evening to visit a vet we discovered it was still Christmas in Cagliari and the party was not over yet 🥳🤣

Christmas is not over yet in Cagliari 🍸🎅🏻🎉

We had been looking to see if we could get our dog’s rabies vaccine renewed slightly early whilst we had some free time. However, after failing to get any of them on the phone due to siesta shutdown we decided to walk to one nearby. The friendly young vet explained we needed an Official Vet for the validation in our pet passports and we would be unlikely to find one before our ferry on Saturday as it is La Befana (Epithany, celebrating the arrival of the Three Kings) tomorrow. We have a month yet to sort the rabies vaccine so that job can wait.

We walked into the Old Town and found the Christmas lights still shining and even a busy Christmas market. so we decided, that when in Rome….! It is great to have secure parking nearby to so many nice bars and restaurants, so we thought we would make the most of the opportunity. We enjoyed the local culture of pre-dinner cocktails with free snack board of cheese, meats etc and then another fantastic meal. I had baked artichokes and octopus and Kev had pasta with raw langoustines which lightly cooked themselves in the mushroom sauce of his pasta. The pièce de résistance of the evening was Kevin’s Main course – pancetta wrapped rabbit, which he loved. A really unusual menu at Corso Dodici restaurant which was hard to chose from but delicious. How do we top that tomorrow?!

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