Back to Padru – Padru, Sardinia, Italy

We woke this morning to an another stunning sunrise. No walk to the beach this morning though as we were parked right on the water’s edge. The dogs are loving this style of camping where there is no leads and they are released straight out the door. Again we tried to capture the majesty of the sunrise as it emerged behind Isola di Tavolara, the limestone massive jutting out of the bay. We have seen some impressive sunrises during our sailing days but they really are spectacular here in the winter, the whole sky is lit up red.

We walked over the the beach as Kev took some fabulous photos and the girls went exploring. I manned the head torch and the dog poo bags… leave only tire tracks. it was quite along time after that the sun emerged behind Isola di Tavolara by which time it was well after sunrise. We had a lovely leisurely morning, I finished my book and did some yoga. Kev was busy fishing off the rocks and then washing the van. The weather continues to be lovely, with bright blue skies and sunshine. The girls were mostly sleeping in the sunshine 😁😎😴

We finally thought we ought to move about lunchtime, heading via the shopping centre for a second attempt to get cash out. It seems that the mainstream banks are conspiring against the Revolut internet bank as you get a “technical error” every time you try to get cash out with a Revolut card. We tried three different banks in Cagliari with the same result and had the same again yesterday when we tried. Anyway, today with a Santander card, no problem at all.

We moved on to Padru this afternoon, following my reconnaissance by bike at the weekend. We have something planned tomorrow and needed to be more central tonight in preparation. We easily found the parking spot, though a level point within it was less easy to arrange and Kev sorted ramps whilst I made us a late lunch.

Parked up in Padru

Later this afternoon, we decided to have a walk around Padru, as usual we timed it during siesta so it was quiet… except for two bars which were open. This must rate Padru as the place with the highest concentration of open bars per populous we have visited this winter! We obviously had to go and support such valiant endeavour. So we have had a lovely couple of hours amongst the locals for “early doors”, lots of people coming and going, everyone greeted as a friend by the bar staff. Proper village local bars, centre of the community.

Beer in the local bar… with another fabulous free snack

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