Shopping and chilling – Spiaggia Terrata, Golfo Aranci, Sardinia, Italy

Today it’s time to hit the road again. we have left the relative comfort of all services on tap at the Sosta in Porto San Paulo and headed up the road to a waterside camp out on Golfo Aranci (Gulf of Orange) peninsular past Olbia.

On yesterday’s bike ride in this direction, I had spotted a garage doing LPG (GPL) so we stopped off on route to top up our tanks. It turned out to be only half of one tank to fill, but we will be off-island over Christmas and wanted to make sure we had full tanks. 

Just part of the Panettone selection available

We also decided to stop at the Conad Spazio an enormous “ipermarket” in a shopping complex next door to the petrol station. Living in Cornwall there is limited shopping opportunity so it was nice to have a browse in Zara and other shops on the way in, with one or two pre-Xmas purchases, including most importantly a new coffee pot! We have still yet to finally decide on our Christmas menu and buy in those supplies. Clearly we have to have a panettone, but the choice is just too immense!

We then had a short 30 minute drive along the edge of Olbia and back out to the peninsular. It was another lovely drive with views back to the north side of Isola di Tavolara across the bay, the large ferry to Livorno sat on the docks overshadowing the town. We soon found our parking spot by a beautiful crystal clear cove. We made a late lunch with the lovely fresh products from our shopping trip and spent the afternoon watching a spear fisherman at work in the bay and dog walkers coming by. The weather is glorious at the moment blue skies and sunshine and it looks like it is staying for Xmas week 😁😎

Kev took the dogs into the Golfo Aranci town and found a few signs of life. He also spotted car window glass near where we were currently parked, sure signs of recent break ins. This spot is just not quite far enough off the beaten track. We decided to head to the park up in town by the police station instead and maybe head in for a drink. The two roads into town we had passed however went under a railway line with only 2m clearance, we are 3.1m. We saw a way on Google maps over the railway line and headed in, only to find the only way available to motorhomes was to the port. Entry to the town was prohibited. This was very disappointing as they had an ice rink set up on the town square! Alas though nowhere to stop nearby.

Lunchtime spot

We know when we are not wanted and pulled over to look for other options. Luckily we found the ideal beachside spot out of town, we had somehow missed earlier and headed down the road ten minutes to find it. The sky was lit up red by the setting sun.

Lovely sunset drive on Golfo Aranci

So here we are, parked up, with the sea surrounding us on three sides. We are out of the way, down a very rutted track, 4×4 came in again. No one will bother us here and we are looking forward to the view in the morning.

Parked up by the sea at Spiaggia Terrata

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