The calm after the storm – Porto Corallo, Sardinia, Italy

We’ll be honest, when we saw the blue skies despite the terrible forecast and the calm seas as we drove along the coast yesterday, we were a little bit cynical about our cancelled ferry. However overnight last night Grimaldi ferries proved they had much more reliable forecast than we get on BBC Weather app, as overnight when our forecast had the wind dropping off, it was instead howling. We were rocking on our suspension and despite the shelter of the nearby hills and sand dunes the wind was wild.

After a while of rocking and listening to the howling wind in the early hours, we decided to get up and have a cup of tea whilst we deliberated online about where to go next. I think the problem is there is just too much choice so many ferry routes so many places to go visit. At the moment we are leaning towards a second attempt at the Palermo ferry however we are now in the run-up to Christmas and it looks like it is full online. Grimaldi have offered to rebook us on the next sailing next Saturday though, so we’ll see what they say on Monday by email.

We eventually got back to sleep to awaken around 8am to perfect stillness and sunshine like the gale had never happened. Only the wind ripples remained as evidence on the now virgin looking beach, all footsteps erased. So, we left behind only footsteps this morning at our camp, going off to explore the neighbouring cove. Lola has now become quite feral on these beach stops and it is a job to persuade her to get back in the van after we have been out.

Although it was nice and peaceful in our beachside stop at for Feraxi, there was not a good combination of level ground to park and clear skies between the trees for our solar panels. So we decided to head slightly further north and we are now parked up by the sea at Porto Corallo about 30 minutes drive from our last stop. We were given a touching send off by a local happy looking dog with a bell round his neck who followed our slow progress down the rutted track, no doubt his standard farewell to the occasional visitors.

Local dog looking for friends follows are departure

The sun is shining but we have put up our Christmas decorations thanks to Pete and Cheryl who organise this for us before we left. Those from Cornwall will recognise the welcome home trees.

There is a expensively built but nearly empty marina but also a Beachside bar which supposedly is open nearby. Otherwise it is pretty quiet here. So after a broken night’s sleep, we are mostly catching up on a bit of study, doing a bit of local exploring and having a quiet Sunday.

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