Another change of plan – Spiaggia de Feraxi, Sardinia, Italy

So today was the day for our ferry to Sicily. We started about our normal preparations for the day and then realised, horror of horrors, that we had run out of data on our Wi-Fi. So if I went to find the Vodafone shop to try and sort out some more data, whilst Kev took the girls for a nice walk along the seafront.

Bastione di Saint Remy from our touring last night

Despite the terrible forecast for thunderstorms and lightning, the sky was blue and I was enjoying the sunshine on my face. As I walked through the streets of Cagliari, I thought to myself how much I was enjoying it here, the happy friendly people and great atmosphere of this small capital city. I said to myself if we don’t leave today, we may never leave.

One of the locals now in Cagliari, cocktails last night

Fast forward a couple of hours and I’ve sorted out the Internet we’ve done the servicing on the van and moved from the motorhome parking to nearby the port. Kev started to make some lunch and I headed to the Grimaldi office to pick up a ferry tickets for this evening. The ticket office was closed and as I was about to return to the van I only just spotted another notice to say the ferry was cancelled for tonight due to the weather forecast. I had thought to myself this morning I really must check my junk mail. I did that now and found they had emailed me yesterday to say the ferry wasn’t running. Doh!

We had both been feeling after we had booked the ferry to Sicily that we weren’t ready to leave Sardinia yet and were disappointed to be missing out the east coast. We had been working out how and when we could return to see the rest. Now it seemed fate had stepped in and we both felt immediate relief and said let’s finish our circumnavigation of Sardinia.

We have been given the option to rebook the ferry for next Saturday to Sicily or to get a full refund. At the moment the jury is out as to where we will head next. We’re not thinking that we want to drive back to Cagliari once we have reached the north of Sardinia so quite likely we will now get a ferry from Olbia to mainland Italy and visit Sicily another time.

Traffic problems, Sardinia style, see the egrets catching a ride up front. Italian driver ahead is obviously hooting his horn!

We wasted no time on starting on our new plan and set out on the road out of Cagliari. We are now parked up on a secluded empty parking area behind a long sandy beach. A little bit of rain has caught up with us however it’s great to be back in the countryside after a couple of days of city living.

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