A day by the seaside – Is Arutas beach, Sardinia, Italy

A wild night of weather meant a slightly disrupted sleep, especially when Lola felt the need to bark at the thunder. After a cup of tea before daylight we managed to get back to sleep again but we were slightly later starting our day.

Is Arutas

We had also decided we were settled here for today. We have a good mobile signal to permit us to watch England v South Africa rugby later, sea views and the sun coming out, what was the rush to move on?

So we have spent the day walking on the beach, reading, exercising – yoga and cycle explorations, catching up with family, Italian lessons, even a bit of economics study. The wind is still blowing but the sun is shining. Our French motorhome neighbours are sat out on chairs playing a guitar, not that we can hear it above the wind. We also passed an older lady on the carpark after our last walk, sat in car in her bikini apparently sunbathing through the open door. There has even been a couple of people swimming, though I did hear the young guy yelp when he got in. There is also several feet of seaweed and a large number of sponges on the beach from the recent storms, we were not tempted to join in.

Is Arutas beach

However, we have done better than the residents of Ischia island near Naples. It is almost parallel to where we are staying and the had up to 155mm of rain fell over the course of six hours in the early hours of this morning which has triggered landslides and a number of people are feared to have died. I said we had been having some weather!

I have been doing a bit of research on Christmas traditions in Sardinia, Kevin has been looking ahead to where to go next and more challengingly where to find service points / open public toilets etc which gives us stops in-between. We also came across an interesting article, mentioned by a friend who has friends in Italy, before we came, about how the government here will pay people to move to Sardinia. So if you like the look of this place…?! Someone had written on the white parts of a road corner chevron sign on our way to our current spot “You are not in Italy” though, which might be a good tip to bear in mind with the locals 😁 – https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/sardinia-italy-pay-people-move-government-b2171266.html?amp

Not that we are planning to relocate to Sardinia, we are enjoying the roving lifestyle in our van. Too many places yet to see 😁

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