Port Neuf, La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, France

I was queued at the vets at 8am to get some antibiotics for Lizzy. After perfect health since our last trip, she chooses the first few nights away for an upset stomach through every night 😴 However, by 9am I was back at the van with medication and Lizzy had a jab to settle her stomach.

Therefore, we set off for some sightseeing round La Rochelle. Having spent a few weekends then weeks here fitting out our catamaran before our Atlantic crossing in 2008 we had some favourite bars and restaurants to see as well as all the traditional sights.

A newly constructed walkway along Boulevard Winston Churchill was a fabulous entry into town. About 3 miles along the seafront. We looked over the sea of masts on the harbour across the water and remembered our days here, the sea trials and our departure into the Bay of Biscay!

After all that reminiscing and a wander around the old town area and the shops we were in need of refreshments. It seemed our old haunts had mostly changed hands / decor etc. We therefore chose a popular seafood restaurant for the set menu. No sooner had we ordered, when the 3 tier seafood platter for 2 arrived on a neighbouring table with crab, oysters, prawns etc etc piled high and order envy set in for Kevin. Our plan for the next day was quickly adjusted to enable a return visit πŸ™„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹

Our lunch was however fabulous even if the lunchtime sun through the sheltered terrace was roasting hot which we had not quite anticipated in November. Several of the locals were also wiping brows and moving into the shade so it was not just us. The forecast says it is 18 degrees today but it feels much warmer.

We found a local grocery store for some supplies before heading back down the seafront. We have this far managed to get the first bar before stopping for further refreshments sitting out in the sun because the novelty of doing that at this time of year was too much to resist!

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