And we are off – Southwick, Hampshire, UK

We are currently sat ready to board our ferry in Cherbourg… with 15 minutes to go before supposed departure and no signs of movement. Ho hum 🙄. UPDATE- Apparently Brittany Ferries were negotiating with the unions about a potential strike, but at exactly departure time, the stalemate appears to have been broken and we are loading!

Forecast for the crossing is pretty good, light south westerlies to blow us back to the U.K. We had a last walk round the harbour in Cherbourg for café and croissants before the 3 minute drive to the ferry terminal including diversion due to roadworks.

Napoleon Statue in Cherbourg

Tonight we are booked into a pub stop in The Golden Lion at Southwick, near Portsmouth for when we get off the ferry around 5pm rather than try to drive the 5 hours plus to Cornwall. Southwick was apparently the home of the Strategic Command Centre for DDay. So by pure chance in terms of our booking we will be staying at the pub which was the “unofficial officers mess” for Monty and Eisenhower. So it feels like we will also be completing our D-Day tour quite nicely whilst also getting to enjoy some real ales. Win win 😁

On Saturday we will make the very familiar trip down the A30 home to Cornwall. So this is the end of our blog for now. Lots of possibilities being discussed for our next trip – Morocco, extended France tour with a visa, Italy, Croatia (before they join the Schengen!). Who knows, hopefully we will have made our minds up before our next 90 days start 😁😎 Thank you for reading.

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