Final Day – Cherbourg, Normandy, France

Today is our last full day of our trip. Tomorrow at 12pm we will be boarded on the new flagship MV Galicia of the Brittany Ferries fleet bound for Portsmouth.

As if to echo our sadness at leaving France it has mostly been raining. Preparation it seems for the forecasted weather at home in Cornwall next week.

We left Sainte Mére Eglise this morning after dog walking etc and had a leisurely 40 minute drive to the Aire literally overlooking the ferry terminal in Cherbourg.

Le Pily

There were WWII museums, aquariums / museums of the sea to do in Cherbourg. However we opted for a celebration of French cuisine today with a fabulous 2 hour lunch at Le Pily, literally five minutes walk from where we are parked. A gourmet sensation of a seafood tasting menu. Absolutely delicious.

This afternoon we will have a wander round the port etc now the rain has stopped. There is a large bunker opposite where we are parked just in the middle of a traffic island. There is so much history in this area.

2 thoughts on “Final Day – Cherbourg, Normandy, France

  1. I feel for you, ending a trip is hard, and getting back into the swing of living in a house again and not moving regularly is not easy either.

    Hope you have a smooth crossing

    Love Mum and Dad


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