Further North – Valencia, Spain

Today was another mostly driving day to get a little more north. We by-passed Murcia then went inland to miss the Costa Blanca coast. The route was somewhat more scenic than the plastic jungle yesterday with mountains / hills moving into the green lush lands of Valencia dotted with orange trees and castles. The temperature reached 31 degrees C before we headed to the coast, reaching a far more comfortable 23 degrees C. We skirted into Valencia passing the huge science centre. A definite stop on our next trip.

We pulled up at Carrefour and did a big shop, the first in sometime and parked up near Platja de Pobla de Farnals beach. There is us and one other van just off the beach. It is very quiet everywhere and you can hardly believe we are just up the coast from Benidorm. We had a nice walk along the promenade and boardwalk to the marina. A huge racing yacht visible out to sea. We grabbed a drink when we arrived. Tomorrow we head further north towards Barcelona.

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