Heading North – Murcia, Murcia, Spain

Yesterday we got the news that Lizzy’s lab results on her mole removal are clear. It was a benign tumour, so no more worries for Lizzy and no drive back to Portugal for us 😁🥳

Therefore today we hit the road to head further north in a fairly big hop as we are looking to get to France soon to meet some friends. We did not have much we wanted to see in the Almería area, not big fans of Benidorm etc and it is way to hot to head into the hills.

First job on leaving the campsite was to wash off poor Bert our motorhome who has been under a lovely shaded avocado tree for the last two days and had turned a lighter colour with all the dust and foliage which had fallen. We improvised at the BP station by turning round mid wash but so nice to get it all clean again.

It was not the most scenic of trips having to pass the city of poly tunnels in the south east corner of Spain, so large the whole area looks reflective on Google maps. Beyond this is quite industrial all along this route. So we just stuck to the major non-toll roads and ate up the kilometres today.

Our destination today we was a private campsite with 6 pitches and a swimming pool south of Murcia. Bizarrely, as it is +30 degrees here, it has a bowling green attached which is also run by a Scottish couple that own this place. It is immaculate and we can all keep cool. There is also an on-site bar and restaurant.

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