Unimog, the sequel (Ötigheim) – Weiheim an der Teck, Germany

Today started with a lovely walk with Lizzy and Lola through some of the woods of the Black Forest, which we are literally parked in front of in our spot at the Unimog museum. The woods are threaded with cycle paths and walks and are popular. We struggled a bit with the signage and at one point worried the path was not heading back in quite the direction we planned we may emerge hours later having missed the extended Unimog training planned for today. However, even without phone navigation we managed a nice 2.5 mile walk, actually seeing and hearing a Jay, though luckily with the dogs with us no wild boar, deer etc

Parked up at the Unimog museum

Next was a tour of the small shop at the museum for some momento, we need to have some t-shirts to wear when we visit the Abenteuer Allrad (Adventure Overland) show in Bad Kissingen on 21st-24th Oct. we then met up with Roland again ready to start the Intensive Off-Road Driver Training in the Unimog, for which yesterday’s course was a pre-requisite. Today’s course is in Ötigheim, the official Mercedes Unimog proving ground, where military customers etc are brought to show their capabilities. It is certainly impressive, the 100% hill ascents are more of a climb than a walk uphill.

First of all whilst Kevin was getting set up with Roland, Lizzy and Lola got to have a run around and try out a few obstacles. Lola dash straight across the mounds which are used alongside rollers to show how the differential locks work, she flew over the mound and then much to her surprise flew off the rollers at the other side. Lizzy meantime went to wade through a puddle only to find out it was a Unimog tyre sized pool to show axle articulation and she was swimming 🤭 …so back on the lead as we became the roving film crew to capture Kevin’s route through the obstacles over the next 3 hours. As they say a pictures tells a thousand words, so I think it is best described with a series of videos and images.

I had a drive across a few of the obstacles later and we also got to try the white U1300L, which was water sealed to do the water wading.

We drove back to the Unimog museum, collected our certificate and gift then hit the road to Weiheim an der Teck an hour or so up the road for overnight. It’s a small town / village. A staging post to our next trip along the Romantic Road through some of the lovely old towns in this part of Germany on route to Bad Kissingen.

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