Relaxing Sunday Afternoon – Friedberg, Bavaria, Germany

Would love to tell you we’d had a wonderfully cultured day of intellectual sight seeing etc. Actually, we got up late, also not true, Kevin got up several times in the night to pacify Lola’s guarding instincts as it was soo quiet last night she responded in kind to every motion.. including our neighbouring motorhome leaving at 06:30. Therefore, it was my job to head to the bakery at 08:00, open since 07:30 on a Sunday. With a bit of google translate preparation I was able to actually order what we wanted without the server resorting to English in exasperation 😊 Success

Therefore, after a leisurely breakfast, we embarked on a massive 1.5 hour drive. Joe Marler provided the narration again and the time flew by, even though I was driving. The German roads were everything you would expect. It was a somewhat more industrial area that we drove though in this trip than the Black Forest. However, it all turned much more green as we turned for Friedburg. Tomorrow, the plan is to visit Augsburg, the start of our Romantic road trail. However we opted for the less busy, not near a major railway option, of Friedberg Stellplatz. It is free, pay for services used only, facilities are newly refreshed and provide all we need. On top of that it is a lovely little town with direct transport links to Augsburg.

Therefore we arrived and headed in early afternoon for a Sunday roast / vegan curry in the unseasonal ☀️. What a heavenly afternoon, surely the reason to do such travels. Watching the world go by. The prolific German manufacturers are obviously petrol heads as we watched all manner of classic and shiny cars parading by from Lamborghini to classic VW Beetle in classical Sunday afternoon drive mode. It was a wonderfully family atmosphere, lots of people just wondering round, enjoying the time as a family and enjoying the sun.

We also had a wander through the town with lots of beautiful old buildings and bespoke shops, enjoying watching the world go by. Does life get any better than this 😀

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