Guten Tag Deutschland – Baden-Baden, Germany

We were on the road again this morning early. My turn for some driving today. We have been listening to Joe Marler’s audiobook “Loose Head” along the way which has us laughing and cringing in equal measure and is making our journeys fly by. Before we knew it we were passing Strasbourg and crossing the Rhine into Germany!

We passed the now redundant border post buildings and followed the convoy of lorries into Baden-Baden. Even with a blackout of google street view in Germany we congratulated ourselves on a successful navigation into the Motorhome Stellplatz which from reviews a number of people had done a tour of central Baden-Baden to find. We then had to navigate coin operated electric supplies and a parking ticket machine, thankfully with instructions in German and English. However, Kevin is happy either way as we are also next to a beer warehouse, handy as our supplies are low.

After a quick cuppa we did the 30 minute, tree lined walk into central Baden-Baden to look round. There is a lot of municipal garden areas and we are surrounded by tree topped hills of the Black Forest. Unfortunately however it was intermittently raining on us all the way in. We located the central Leopoldsplatz, down the beautifully kept town streets and got a few photos. However, by this point we were both hungry so found the first covered outdoor seating so we could sit and have lunch with the dogs with us. I was able to get a vegan poke bowl and Kevin tried some Goulash which he found to be excellent. Despite my best attempts to revive my school girl German in the last few weeks, I am not enjoying not being able to communicate well. I started with French back in January and was getting on much better there. Still there is nothing like being there to help learn, so we will keep trying.

Unfortunately due to the black clouds which reduced the temperature by about 5 degrees, by the time we had eaten we were both frozen and the drizzle had restarted. So we headed for a brisk walk back to Clouline (our motorhome). The Stellplatz is gradually filling up as the day goes on. We have tomorrow too to do some more exploring when the weather should be drier. So some beer shopping and some more Duolingo lessons planned for the rest of the day.

2 thoughts on “Guten Tag Deutschland – Baden-Baden, Germany

  1. Why is your mh called cloudin and what is vegan poke bowl? Pity the weather is so inclement, but the rain could make the off road course very interesting!!


    1. Clouline was the original model Niesmann Bischoff made and the Flair is part of the aclouline range so it says it on the back and is our nickname for her. Poke bowl is a bit like a salad can be any ingredients mine had Cous cous, tofu and houmous. The ground is still fairly dry I think because it has been a dry summer


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