À Bientôt France – Sarralbe, France

Only one week tomorrow since we passed through the Eurotunnel, we will be leaving France for Germany in the morning. Marking our second country already. We are making a lot of easting at the moment, as we have a date with a Unimog at the off-road course at the museum in Gaggenau on Friday, then the biggest off-road show in the world Abentruer Allrad in Bad Kissigen at the end of October. Therefore we have sadly had to rush through France a little but we will return in November and make a longer tour. We are definitely both loving France, it is such a lovely laid back kind of a culture. We love the 2 hour lunchtime shut down, the quaint little villages and towns not to mention fabulous food and wine, although we have erred toward the Belgian beer widely available 🙂

Today we left early for a short hop to the small town of Sarralbe just before the border and one of the handy free camping Aire, for motorhomes found across France. I imagine it is not a regularly visited spot, the large refinery on the way towards the town is certainly less picturesque. However, it is a pretty, authentic sort of a place, off the tourist trail. Just a couple of bars and restaurants, our sort of place.

Lola contemplating (another) surprise swim

So, today, we wandered the town, went to the supermarket, bought a baguette at the boulangerie, took a siesta and generally went along with the local vibe. Tonight, we will support the intent of the free Aire network by spending some more money in the local bars 😁 It would be rude not to!

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