Moving East – Winchester, UK

It was a really stormy night though with torrential rain and high winds all night. We were pleased to have put down the hydraulic legs, as even with those we were rocking. However this morning brought bright sunshine. We set off to explore some local public footpaths with the dogs, however these were obviously not well used in this relatively remote spot and we ended up having to retrace our steps when we hit a stile into a big patch of tall nettles. Still it was a nice 2 mile walk in some lovely scenery, even with the curious cows following us part of the way.

Next down the scenic A303 to Winchester, via Stone Henge. We parked up at Morn Hill site then headed out on our mountain bikes to explore Winchester. Lizzy and Lola in their Buddy rider seats had practically every pedestrian oohing and ahhing đŸ˜‚

Next, had to be a visit to the famous Winchester cathedral, home to the grave of Jane Austen. It is a immensely impressive building especially if you have read at all the about the immense work to build cathedrals, usually beyond the lifetime of the master mason who starts them. Some of the sculptures in the High Altar also had to be restored after the reformation, having also read and watched a lot about Henry VIII recently .

Also we interesting was the work of William Walker, a deep sea diver who spent 6hrs a day for 6 years diving under the cathedral to sure up the foundations with concrete after the high water table and subsidence threatened the whole structure in 1906. He got a little statue for his troubles.

Winchester is just brimming with history and we passed by the city walls, castle, the house where Jane Austen died and the statue of King Alfred the Great in our whistle stop tour.

Finally some fab vegan Mexican street food before cycling back to Clouline

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