We are off at last – Ilminster, Somerset, UK

After months of planning, waiting for COVID jabs and travel restrictions to be lifted etc. Today was finally the day we hit the road on the first of our longer motorhome travels. We are headed towards our first Eurotunnel crossing on Wednesday, breaking our journey to Folkestone into a couple of hops. After the sadness of saying goodbye to friends and family, I could feel the bubbles of excitement as we hit the A30, the sense of freedom as we finally head east.

The final hurdle to be negotiated was whether we would actually have enough fuel to make it to the tunnel during a nationwide panic buying of fuel due to HGV driver shortages. Luckily after a short amount of queuing this morning at Hayle (shortened by being able to jump on the HGV pump 😉) we were full and on the road.

First stop was a very pretty quiet site near Ilminster. What better to do on a Sunday afternoon, our last in the UK for sometime than a Sunday Roast at a lovely local pub. The downhill walk to the pub, boded badly for the way home. However, the roast sharing boards made up for any uphill hike back. Kev flexed with a bit of beef, with able assistance from Lizzy and Lola 😋

Back in time to watch the Premiership rugby and get our our blog site live. We spent a productive evening of travel guide reading and language learning. The wind was picking up with the forecast cold front moving through and just before 9pm, the whole campsite and local area went into black out as the power cut out. There was some panic on the site about missing the last episode of Vigil as those in caravans did not seem to have leisure batteries and were in darkness. Luckily we were snug in Clouline (our nickname for our Motorhome) and switched the fridge to gas and settled down for the final instalment. A very leisurely start to our trip 😎

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