Rugby ready – Bordeaux, France

Yesterday we had some online admin work to do, so had a quiet day at the campsite, with a lunchtime break for more Oysters for Kevin in Gujarat-Mestras. It had been a national holiday for Armistice Day on Thursday and it appears everyone had decided to take the Friday off for a nice seafood lunch. We returned to our oyster restaurant at the end of the pier and had to wait in a queue for a table. Luckily the sun was shining and it was a nice holiday atmosphere.

This morning we were on the road again after a certain amount of faff getting out of the campsite, after we were unable to extend our ticket the day before and ended up with two. We knew this may be a problem and so planned to leave once the reception was open. After only blocking the exit for a few minutes and a confusing discussion in French about whether the machine works or not we were released.

A relatively short trip up the road to Bordeaux for some sightseeing, the nearest convenient spot we found being a big campsite, 8km away complete with water park and restaurant. It is on the cycle route into the city and also near to a tram stop. We were unsure about the grass pitches available on the website to book so turned up without booking to check out the pitches first. One look at our motorhome and the receptionist said we would not fit their standard pitches and referred to the Aire area. This was gravelled originally but now with grass growing through. Luckily though only one other van and we were able to park parallel across a few spaces on hard standing. We had the place to ourselves until about 5pm when another Niesmann Bischoff Flair just turned up. Only the second one we have seen on our travels and now we are the only two vehicles on this part of the campsite.

It was lunchtime by the time we were parked on pitch and fresh water filled / grey emptied etc. We had lunch and the rain which had followed us all the way from the campsite at Arcachon Bay this morning reached us here. As England rugby team are playing Australia this afternoon we decided there was not time to do justice to sightseeing in Bordeaux this afternoon. Therefore settled down to watch the other Autumn International games. Tomorrow we will head to Bordeaux. Ironically though, it seems France are playing Georgia tomorrow in the Autumn Internationals…. In Bordeaux (for the first time in 10 years). The stadium is literally 15 mins walk from us and the tram stop for the supporters to the stadium is the one we would take into the city. So we need to plan logistics, or perhaps just go and see the game and go sightseeing the next day?!

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