Rain and Inspiration – Gujan-Mestras, Nouvelle-Acquitaine, France

Tuesday continued as Monday had started, with heavy rain, the big blue area on the precipitation map largely having passed though. The morning was due to be wet, but there was a window over lunch when it was due to ease a little. We managed to dash out with the dogs for morning walk between downpours, but the rain hammered on the roof as we ate breakfast.

Walk to Gujon-Mestras

Resigned to a morning indoors, we decided to watch some vlogs from fellow travellers as research to our 2024 plans. This morning we were watching Gap Decaders as they travelled across Eastern Europe. They have upgraded to an expedition truck after years of motorhoming and they certainly had to put it into use on some of the roads they encountered. They, like a growing number of travellers now earn an income from their followers via YouTube and Facebook etc. Consequently, they see their video editing and travel guide writing as a job and the quality of the output is brilliant as a result.

It made me think about the frequency of their vlogs (weekly) which made then more of a highlights view and more entertaining as a result. I decided that I would also convert our blog into more of weekly format, so I don’t have to report on every visit to the laundry and supermarket. It would also reduce the overhead, which is quite considerable on a daily basis. I do also really like some of the video format too though as it captures the moment so well. Kev would enjoy the opportunity to play with a drone too. We do not want to go down the route of sponsoring etc, this remains very much our own travel journal. However 15 years after we started a blog for our sailing, maybe we will modernise a little as our journey continues.


We did manage the 5 mile round walk to the shore of Arcachon Bay in Gujan-Mestras at lunchtime, only once having to shelter in a bush from a downpour. Kevin got to try his favourite oysters again at the oyster shack and I had some prawns. Although, it was not as good as the very golden memories we had of sitting in the unexpected sunshine in November 2021 eating them. It was maybe the difference in the season, but it did make us think perhaps we should not try to recreate these golden memories but preserve them as they were.

So, over the next week we will be venturing to Basque Country via Les Grands Lacs, south of Bordeaux. Update to follow.

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