Taken root – Bourg-Saint-Maurice, Savoie, France

We have settled into a lovely routine in Les Arcs skiing by day interspersed with lovely food and drinks. We are so enjoying such quality family time with Sean and Alex and they are both absolutely flying with their skiing impressing us and their instructor.

It has been super busy in Les Arcs for the peak French and English school holiday week. We have honed our skiing steering to avoid tumbled tots and our own bravery as experienced skiers whizz by on both sides. We have all been practicing our skills, Kevin and I had a second lesson on Friday. We came back to catch up with Sean and Alex for lunch to find they were already learning the same skills on their second lesson, already a good 6 hours ahead on their instructors estimates. Kevin and I had been taking turns to ski with Alex and Sean before / after their lessons whilst the other heads back to walk the dogs. Kev could not believe how they had improved 24 hours when he headed out with them on Friday afternoon, already on blue runs after 2 lessons.

The weather has been spectacular, I could not believe it when I saw 22 degrees showing on the display at the lift. However, it certainly seems that warm in the sun. The multiple layers we thought we would need in the slopes being rapidly dropped after the first day. However, as you might imagine it has had a disappearing effect on the low lying snow. It has really receded since we arrived 10 days ago. Although the slopes are a little icy in the mornings they are well maintained and still good skiing it would be lovely to get some fresh snow for Alex and Sean to try before they go. The forecasted snow though is always about 3-4 days ahead and never arrives.

Open air spa in the mountains

Alex and Sean have also been able to enjoy some spa / sauna time at their hotel post skiing to repair aching muscles. Unfortunately Kev’s injured leg has not appreciated being wrapped up on plasters and ski-boots so he had Sunday off from skiing. However, Alex, Sean and I have now developed a lovely routine of morning coffee / hot chocolate on the slopes looking out over the mountains.

We opted to interrupt Alex’s cheese mission last night to visit the Cherry Garden Asian restaurant in search of vegetables and some different flavours. It was a great choice with some really flavoursome foods – gyozas, ribs, spring rolls, Penang curry’s, stir fry and noodles, making a welcome change to cheese. We chatted through our tentative future travel plans and where we might reform the team again in the future 😁😎🌍

Alex and Sean heading down to the valley to see us in Bourg-Saint-Maurice also allowed us to show them round the amazing Super-U supermarket opposite our campsite. There is always something much more interesting about foreign supermarkets and this is easily the best we have visited anywhere. Sean was making his plans to move here by the time we reached the sushi section where we were able to watch the sushi chef preparing a whole 3ft long salmon into the freshest ever sushi.

The local paragliders have been enjoying the lovely still sunny weather. There seems to be their bright sails in the sky all day, we even get to see them land still in skis in the field near the funicular on our way back to the campsite. However, an unfortunate pilot was retrieving his wing from a tree with a ladder when I went past today 🫣😳

Who put that tree there!

We have now booked our table for lunch up on the blue slopes to celebrate Alex’s birthday slightly early on Tuesday after they finish their lessons tomorrow. The big milestone to be able to ski down from some of the higher resorts of Arc 1950 / 2000 where the best on-slope restaurants are based. These Penney’s will do anything for a great meal 😂😋⛷

2 thoughts on “Taken root – Bourg-Saint-Maurice, Savoie, France

  1. Great to see you all enjoying spending time as family doing something you all love to do. That time spent with family is very precious. Alex looks exactly as I remember her from your wedding and Sean much the same.


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