Lake Como – Como, Lombardy, Italy

We can now officially say we been to the Italian Lakes plural as we are now parked up by Lake Como. The fog / mist had finally lifted for our final morning at Lake Garda so we were able to get some long range photos across the lake as we walked the dogs this morning before we left. Although there were more buildings than I expected in view and I think I perhaps preferred my imaged version.

So that is what the other side of Lake Garda looks like

We had a recent recommendation on our camper app for LPG, supposedly providing for campers recently near Bergamo. Well perhaps that was Italian campers, as we got a very definite shake of the head when we arrived. Never mind, we will be back in France tomorrow where we never had a problem. It was more curiosity to see if supply was possible in Italy. Not that we have found. Still Bergamo looks pretty perched on the hillside. We moved onto Lake Como.

Lake Como from our drive in

We got some quite nice elevated views across Lake Como as we drove along the western side. We had found a sosta not far from Como itself but once we got parked up and looked there seemed to be a shortage of nice walking routes. Lake Garda had a footpath / cycle path all round but Lake Como had tall walls and large villas blocking off the shore.

Nonetheless after a 2-3 mile round walk we did make it to the shore. Again, there were lots of families out walking too. It was only 11 degrees in the shade but in the sun it was quite pleasant. We did wonder if we might find a bar to watch the Italy v France Six Nations game but it does not seem to be such a big event in Italy. So we headed back to the van to watch instead. Hopefully it will be more enjoyable watching than yesterday’s England game.

2 thoughts on “Lake Como – Como, Lombardy, Italy

    1. Lol, beat you to it 😉😁 We went early on publishing. Hope your move is going well. Look forward to catching up when we are back in Cornwall. Enjoy the Six Nations 🫣😃🏉🤞👍


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