LPG drought is over – Schladming, Styria, Austria

Today’s mission was not hitting the slopes in this fabulous Austrian ski resort, but getting LPG. We are only going to be in Austria a short while then return back through Italy where we know it will be difficult / impossible to get it. There was a chance that the on-site LPG station at our campsite might be able to help rescue skiing, part of the reason for choosing this one. However, when we went to reception straight after breakfast, they said they only did exchange bottles not filling refillables. After to-ing and fro-ing between van and bottle store we also ascertained we could not rent one as we did not have the right fittings or an adapter. Drats.

Heavy snow last night

The guy on reception did not seem to think LPG would be available anywhere nearby and said the nearest big town was Liezen, 50 kms away. We looked on our LPG.eu app and that was indeed the nearest, there were none on our route out of Austria, so there was nothing for it but a 100km round trip to Liezen. we could find no phone number online so we could not even call to check first.

Heavenly sight

However, even after a heavy snowfall the night before the Austrian efficiency had the roads perfectly clear and ice free and we had a lovely drive through the snow capped mountains to Liezen. We located the place easily enough, a specialist gas garage and pulled up at the pump. We were trying to fathom the adapters when we notice the pump was actually compressed natural gas and LPG was crossed out on a sign? We were just about to enter despair when we spotted another pump off to the side labelled LPG. Phew! Not sure the benefits of CNG, but we did not want a cocktail so manoeuvred to the other pump, all the time expecting someone to appear and tell us we were not allowed to use it. However, thankfully, it was self service and we were able to fill both tanks. Hurrah, hopefully that should keep us going until we get to France where hopefully you can still fill up.

When we came back we took the girls for a good walk. We were not sure how the girls would take to the snow, coming from the temperate climes of Cornwall, where snow is rare. In fact, Lola at 4 years old had never seen snow before this trip, Lizzy at 7 had seen one good dump of snow as a puppy and sat on the front door mat and resolutely refused to go out for a walk 😂. However, they seem to love it and play fight like puppies as soon as they are outside. They particularly enjoyed chasing snowballs on the field even though they were confused where the ball went when they caught it 😂 The inevitable snowball fight which ensued was soundly won by Kevin who had the downhill advantage (and is a much better shot), who was just catching my attempts and pelting them back at me 😂

After we had not made it out skiing today, we at least made it out for Après-ski! 😂 Schladming is apparently renowned for it’s Après-ski with one of the biggest bars in Europe. It was certainly jumping. It was great fun to actually be somewhere in season for a change, watching everyone with big ski boots on jumping round the dance floor. We also had a ringside seat watching people come down the steep red/black slopes and thinking perhaps we need a little more practice before we advance to Schladming skiing ⛷😂

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